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"Love and hope are the guiding light that sees through the fog."

The South Florida-born and raised duo FogDog wants to bring hope to people seeking respite from their struggles with mental health through music.


“Fogdog” is a nautical term referring to a bright spot that appears in breaking fog or is sometimes seen at the horizon as fog dissipates. For both Matthew Racher and Carlos Larrauri, playing music was always a beacon of light as they learned to cope with their mental health tribulations.


As a teenager, Matt discovered the raw power and emotion of the blues while strumming away on a lakeside dock in Northern Wisconsin. At the same age, Carlos found refuge in playing electric guitar and rock music to understand and express his experiences.


After they met at a local South Florida deli, they discovered they both had been facing similar trials with their mental health. They also shared a vast love for authentic, soulful music ranging from grunge to blues to folk and country. They began jamming and writing original music and soon enough joined forces to form FogDog to channel their passion with a purpose.



Fast-forward almost a decade, and they have performed in mental awareness events at different venues across the country and released the self-titled EP “FogDog,” “You Are Not Alone” video from the EP, and their first full record, “Out of the Snake Pit,” that shines a light on the perspective of individuals struggling with madness in a disjointed system of care. Drawing from their own experience, they hope to illuminate often hidden facets of the mind and society.


To further their efforts in becoming part of the solution, they both work in the mental health system. Matthew graduated with a master degree in social work and works in a harm reduction program, and Carlos graduated with a master of science in nursing and works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Through their music, they hope to continue advocating for mental health and help others find healing in knowing they are not alone.


Influences: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chris Cornell, Nirvana, John Mayer, Tom Petty, Black Crowes, Velvet Underground, Taj Mahal, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, The Band, Aretha Franklin, Grateful Dead, The Eagles, J.J.Cale, Willie Nelson

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